Your Town, Your Campus

The Company in this example needed a multifaceted approach to feeding their team of 800 employees daily and accounting for every penny spent, as well as preventing overspending of companies subsidies. 

Each day entails, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all individually made for each person. Plus each day there are multiple meetings requiring small to medium sized boardroom catering. Lastly because they didn't want their employees chained to their desks they also needed virtual wallets to go "out and about" around town.


Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

  • Each meal period has different $ allowances for each employee

  • Each person orders on their own.

  • Every dollar spent is accounted for.

Boardroom Meetings / Catering

  • Office managers and visiting office managers needed a fast, reliable system.

  • Menus specifically set for their office .

  • Only approved vendors can participate.

  • Schedule System


Virtual Wallet, Out and About

Allowing their team to get out of the office and around town is important to their culture and great for the local businesses. 

Menumavins virtual wallet system makes tracking of expenses a snap.


Small Office, Off the Beaten Path


This is a satellite office to a large financial company based across the country. 

Key Points.

  • 20 Employees each needing lunch.

  • Technically company sponsored unlimited spending for each employee.

  • Realistically they wanted to cap each employee at approx $25.00 per meal with an ability to track habitual abusers.

Menumavin had their account up and running in 24 hours with 5 vendors participating from day one. 


We're a Group, Too!


This is small company. 55 Employees. They are in a building with multiple other offices. 
Our contact there is head of marketing. She asked that we start a group account for her division where each employee pays on their own. Her division was 5 people. 

Menumavin set up her account in 24 hours. In two days the group grew to include all 55 people. Now a Menuamvin account set up is part of their on-boarding process for new employees but the parent office has never officially acknowledged the service. Regardless the team there is happy and the vendors already serving that building are happy to have a larger pool of customers. A win, win as they say.